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The concept of abstract art is art that does not endeavor to reflect external reality but uses shapes, structures, colors, and textures to accomplish its effect. Abstract art allows you the opportunity to explore the work of art and to give the piece a personal significance. This highly intimate method enriches the perception of an artwork by an observer. By producing a sensory environment that is open and unburdened by the weight of objects, they prefer to demonstrate their imagination.

The Vice2V perfectly represents this definition and embodies its qualities of freedom. The freedom of riding your skateboard through the streets and enjoying the open air. Is it stained glass? Is it made to resemble the intricate design of a Tiffany lamp? Both of these descriptions are correct or it may be something entirely different. Regardless, the hand-painted Vice2V and its soft colors create a skateboard that is all about uniqueness and freedom.

*Hand Painted*

Complete longboard option: board comes complete and assembled with wheels, trucks and bearings

Dimensions: 34" X 8"

Wood species: White Oak

Trucks: Paris

Wheels: Blood Orange

Bearings: Bone Red